TECH CORP, LLC is a true Division 7 Company.

The term “Division 7” refers to the Construction Specifications Institute’s category for thermal and moisture protection technologies and applications, including roofing, siding, waterproofing, and architectural sheet metal. TECH CORP, LLC is well versed in all of these areas as demonstrated by our product certifications list below.

TECH CORP, LLC is well versed in all of these areas and certified applicators in the products listed below, thereby offering our clients the correct option for their specific building needs.



With a wide product offering that includes single-ply, metal and asphalt-based system solutions, Firestone Building Products is your provider of innovative product with outstanding warranty coverage. Quality designs that last whether you’re replacing an existing roof, building a brand-new roof or taking on a roof repair project, choosing the correct roofing assembly and materials for your building is critical. It will determine how awe-inspiring your building looks, how well it performs—and how long it will last. Commercial roofing systems do not.

Mule Hide

As the name trusted in roofing since 1906, our time-tested and proven systems are affordable with long lifecycles, while meeting the stringent demands of today’s commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. Mule-Hide provides time-proven systems that are simple and economical to install with minimal disruption to building occupants and operations.