TECH CORP, LLC is a true Division 7 Company.

The term “Division 7” refers to the Construction Specifications Institute’s category for thermal and moisture protection technologies and applications, including roofing, siding, waterproofing, and architectural sheet metal. TECH CORP, LLC is well versed in all of these areas as demonstrated by our product certifications list below.

TECH CORP, LLC is well versed in all of these areas and certified applicators in the products listed below, thereby offering our clients the correct option for their specific building needs.



ElastiKote offers three types of Mastics in each of the roofing membrane product lines. Labor Sav’R® incorporates high performance reinforcement fibers. This eliminates the time and expense encapsulating traditional reinforcement scrim in the repair. Our sprayable mastic incorporates high performance fibers, but in a sprayable product that saves time and money. SEBS Mastic is designed for use with reinforcement scrim.


UNIFLEX offers a variety of fluid applied roofing system solutions that meet the demands of every roofscape and climate. These systems minimize thermal shock, ensuring that the roof will last longer and perform better.

UNIFLEX high-performance roofing systems have excellent tensile strength and high reflectivity, keeping the roof closer to ambient temperature and decreasing thermal expansion. Reducing temperature fluctuations on the roof will minimize thermal stress on seams, flashing detail, and fasteners — in short, the entire roofing system.


Triton is a fast-growing and respected brand in the roofing and building materials industry; manufacturing quality products represented throughout the world by quality people. We are a 100% American-owned family company and proudly manufacture all materials at our facilities in Iowa. We do whatever it takes to help others and make a positive difference in every situation.

Mule Hide

As the name trusted in roofing since 1906, our time-tested and proven systems are affordable with long lifecycles, while meeting the stringent demands of today’s commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. Mule-Hide provides time-proven systems that are simple and economical to install with minimal disruption to building occupants and operations.