Roofing Services

TECH CORP, LLC is a Division 7 Company. Thermal and moisture protection is our business, and our experience and knowledge gives us the ability to solve nearly any roofing problem you may be facing. Let TECH CORP, LLC help you protect your building, PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT.


Deciding the type of roof system to install is critical. TECH CORP, LLC can provide you the insight needed to make the very best educated decision.
For new construction projects, TECH CORP, LLC can partner with the architect of choice to help develop the Division 7 specifications that best fit your building’s needs. We can also provide samples, literature and budget numbers to ensure the project stays within budget.


“Construction project management (CPM) is the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion. CPM is aimed at meeting a client’s requirement in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project.”
TECH CORP, LLC has taken the lead in many projects from simple renovations to ground up building construction. Ask us more about how we can help ensure that your project gets done on right and on time.


When multiple roof systems or buildings are involved, it’s often beneficial for building owners to utilize TECH CORP, LLC. Proactive management of your buildings is vital to the success of the roof system over a long period of time. Putting a maintenance program in place can help building owners keep tabs on their roofs regardless of where the building owner is located. TECH CORP, LLC can do it for you.


In all the years of service we’ve provided our customers, one thing remains true: Proactive maintenance and repair of your roof will not only extend its life but also save you money. Being aware of any potential issues your roof system may be facing can prevent a disaster before it happens. TECH CORP, LLC recommends bi-yearly repairs, or “tune-ups” at the minimum. Let us inspect your roof system for all those common and uncommon problem areas and present you with a report detailing all of our findings and the recommended courses of action.


Infrared Scanning is an ever evolving technology used to identify moisture below a roof’s surface. TECH CORP, LLC strongly recommends that a scan be performed any time a building is purchased or leased. When a building owner is experiencing troublesome leaks that can’t seem to be stopped, infrared scans can be a key resource in identifying where the water is concentrating.


It happens. Water damage. One thing led to another and now your roof, your siding and maybe even your drywall is showing signs of water damage. TECH CORP, LLC is fully trained on mold remediation, fire, water and ice damage. The best course of action is immediate action. Don’t wait to address any water damage as it will continue to wreak havoc, costing you more valuable dollars.